Aspen Collar – Symptoms of Neck Problem and Its Application

Neck arthritis, mostly referred to as cervical spondylosis, is a degenerative condition of cervical spine and would be related with deposition of minerals in the area between vertebrae. Medically it visibility symptoms include shoulder and neck pain, headaches and suboccipital pain, radical signs like pain in the arms etc.

aspen collar Aspen Collar   Symptoms of Neck Problem and Its ApplicationIn advanced phases the Aspen collar indications are as follows:
Numbness or weakness in the fingers, arms and the hands.
Pain in neck that transfers to the arms as well as to the shoulders.
Headaches that go to the back side of head.
Lose of balance.
If that patient feels pressure on the spine, numbness or weakness in the legs.
If there is firmness on the spine, a loss bladder or bowel controls.

Aspen cervical neck brace or collar is the significant orthopedic equipment that has a number of benefits for the spinal health. The following features are intended to give a quick reference for suitable usage of Aspen cervical braces, but it is important to consult with a physician while determining whether a brace is beneficial for your certain situation for not.

Head injuries or traumatic neck involving dislocation and fracture: The Aspen cervical collar is administrated by medical experts after severe neck injuries to stabilize the cervical portion of the spinal cord of an injured person. In this way, the collar will be able to decrease the likelihood of spinal injury and consequent paralysis. The Aspen collar supports upper seven vertebrae until a medical helper is not available for help.
Recovery: An Aspen cervical brace can be useful to recover from a head injury or traumatic neck or after the spinal surgery. The patient would be recommended to wear the equipment until the damage is thoroughly healed.

Therapeutic and whiplash usage: Aspen cervical braces are sometimes preferred to cure chronic medical situations associated to the spine area and neck, involving treatment of sprains and whiplash and realigning of spinal cord. Whiplash is due to the damage in soft tissues present around the spine and is generally caused by sudden rotation or hypertension. Whiplash can be easily treated with a soft Aspen cervical collar, however recent research proves that the duration of recovery is accelerated when treatment involves exercise and physical therapy.

Cervical radiculopathy: Tumors, certain traumas and Dish herniation can cause nerve root injury resulting in the cervical radiculopathy. In the previous days, this situation was mostly treated with surgery but current studies have proven that it is successfully treated with combining exercise, rest, cold therapy and wearing hard Aspen cervical collar. Again, this is a thing to be diagnosed by a medical expert, particularly one who specializes in the spines.

Neck pain: Neck pains are extremely enigmatic situation due to the intricacy of nervous system. It is hard to identify root factors and is therefore difficult to treat. When the Aspen collar indications are routinely examined, you will be able to treat your neck problems effectively as it will be easier for you to track the area of concern.

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